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Piano and Organ Lessons
The age doesn't matter when to start playing piano. Some students start at the age of 4 or 5 years old, some start in 3 grade or in high school, even adults. But to start playing organ student needs to be physically tall enough to reach the organ pedals with his feet and sit comfortably on the organ bench.
Private Voice Lessons
Young to old, I provide private vocal coaching and singing lessons. All ages pursuing various styles of voice including classical, pop and Jazz. I offer my services for concert and competition rehearsal as well as weekly lessons. I also accompany my clients on piano.
Chamber Orchestra
Chamber Music Ensembles, a group of young people rehearse together to make music at the highest possible level that we can. I work with instrumental instruction, listening as a group with an emphasis on a nurturing family atmosphere. I work with violin, viola, cello and bass as a chamber group once a week, one hour sessions and meet at a common location. I choose music interesting to the youth I work with, from classical to Disney favorites. I offer my services for individual and group concert and competition rehearsal as well as weekly lessons. I also accompany my clients on piano, organ or keyboards.
Children's Chorus
I work with children ages 7 - 12 as a group, we learn a lot of various styles songs as religious, contemporary, classical, folk, silly, fun songs. Children perform during school year for the different kind of school shows, Christmas Concerts, Talent shows, also for the Church during different liturgical seasons and other occasions.
Student Recitals
Students prepare 2 or 3 music pieces for a solo recitals 2 times per year, for Christmas and at the beginning of summer in June. I encourage duets and other participation from multiple students from the same family. We hold our events in a beautiful Library concert hall and invite our families, friends, relatives and neighbors to share our love for the music. All members taking private lessons are invited to participate and I work with the students to present with a comfortable concert edicate.

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